11 Best Himalayan Salt Lamps Designs of 2022

Your surrounding environment greatly impacts and dictates your behaviour and mental state. A calm, relaxing, and natural environment is preferred for a happy and peaceful life. While you may not always be able to move to a new place just for a change, you can certainly add things in your life that provide you with a calming environment. One such thing is the 100% authentic Himalayan rock salt lamp.

We can describe these lamps as intricately and artistically carved amber coloured crystals that have a hollow opening for light bulbs. Apart from many extraordinary claims, these lamps act as attractive showpieces that don't take up a lot of space. The light in these lamps has a reddish-pink glow, creating a nice and soothing ambience. 

The light is said to help you sleep while cleansing the aura of the surroundings and absorbing negativity. These lamps come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Here are the top ten designs that we think are worth your attention. 


The most versatile lamp: Buddha - Salt Basket Lamp 

With the beautifully crafted face of Buddha on two opposite sides of the wooden box and the OM symbol on the remaining sides, this piece stands out in the Himalayan salt lamp designs as it complements the area day and night. The OM and Buddha carvings on wood give it an aesthetic and authentic look in the day. 


At night, the light coming from the stones steals the show. On top of that, the carvings begin glowing from their borders, creating a visual treat. It is a must-have accessory in your room to lighten up your mood in the dark and calm you down with a symbol of peace. Do not hesitate to buy a Himalayan salt lamp that offers such unique features.


Basic is the new cool: Magma - Salt bowls with chunks lamp

Except for the wooden base, the lamp is 100% Himalayan salt. Yes, the bowl is carved from the salt crystal too. It is nearly impossible not to appreciate the creativity, effort, and beauty put into this lamp. It also has immense benefits that it brings to your life. The fact that it is a natural showpiece gives it a unique edge and helps it distinguish itself from the machine-made plastic showpieces. 


An entire bowl and components made from Himalayan salt would be the best gifting option; you can even treat yourself with this lamp. Buy a salt lamp now and brace yourself with a natural touch.


Scallop - Himalayan Salt Lamp

Yes, you read that right, it is a scallop lamp. It looks quite cool in the pictures. But, we assure you that being aesthetically pleasing is not it’s only quality. The scallop is meticulously carved from Himalayan salt and the easily replaceable bulbs will make it one of the most interesting yet easy to maintain objects on your showcase if you buy a Himalayan salt lamp online now.


Simple and effective: Bead - Salt Lamp

Experts handcraft the minimal design of this Himalayan Salt Lamp. It ensures this complements every corner that you decide to keep it in. The simplistic design reminds one to stay calm and gives one a sense of belonging. Every time you look at it, you will be reminded of the beauty of nature. 


You must keep it either in the centre, alongside something, or in one of the corners of your home. It's a great option for a gift as it does not have a polarising design. 


Guru Ji - Himalayan Salt Lamp

This lamp comes with all the benefits of the Buddha lamp, but with a minor twist. Instead of a wooden structure, it embraces the Himalayan salt and is crafted from it entirely. As a result, the entire surface of the lamp glows when you turn the bulb on. You can keep it in your inspiration zone to get a positive vibe from this lamp endlessly. Buy a Himalayan crystal salt lamp of this type and get an infinite supply of inspiration. 


Glowing cloud - 100% authentic Himalayan rock salt lamps

It's entirely up to you to consider this as a cloud or a flower. However you may perceive it, it will enhance the aesthetics and the ambience of your room effectively. The default orange or pink colours formed due to the chemistry of salt crystals build a natural and healing vibe around you that is hard to neglect. It builds subconscious positivity and healing energy. 


Versatility and devotion: Kalash - Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Similar to the Buddha lamp, this lamp combines the features of the wooden lamp and Himalayan salt crystals. Just with a twist that instead of Buddha's shape or the OM engraved on wood, this lamp has Lord Ganesha's icon engraved on two sides while the remaining ones have a beautiful Kalash design. A must-have piece in or outside the temples in your houses.


Barque Lamp

This Himalayan salt lamp design resembles the magma design we witnessed above. Its slightly smaller size and boat-like structure make it easy to keep in any part of the house. The wooden base ensures a firm grip on any surface. Completely made from Himalayan salt crystals except for the base, the lamp looks great and personalised due to the random arrangement of rocks on top of the boat.


Pyramid lamp

This lamp gives you the full benefits of 100% authentic Himalayan rock salt lamps with a complete unibody construction. The simplistic design ensures easy cleaning and maintenance and it can hence be placed in any part of the house. 

The lamp glows the brightest of all as the entire body is made up of Himalayan salt, and it has plenty of space to refract the incoming light with almost no blockage. 

Taj Salt Lamp

The beautifully carved crown on the Taj salt lamp reminds you of the auspicious beauty and intricacy of nature. The unibody design elevates its beauty at night when it's allowed to glow completely on its own. The star reflects beauty from each angle. This lamp is for people with royal and authentic taste. And, of course, it brings all the goodies of 100% authentic Himalayan salt lamps in an attractive package. The wooden base to the lamp adds a nice contrast in daylight and blends in perfectly with the shadow of the lamp at night. 

Kedar - Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Shivling Lamp

For some, this might be the best lamp on this list. This lamp has all the features of a perfect 100% authentic Himalayan rock salt lamp. Most parts of the lamp are made using rock salt, and the outer surface is beautifully sculpted to look like the Shivling. The feeling of having an authentic Shivling in your safe space can be very satisfying and fulfilling.


It marks the end of our suggestions of the best Himalayan salt lamp designs to buy in 2022. We hope the list is helpful to you, and you consider checking out these salt lamps and hopefully enlighten your home environment with them.