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A cup of refreshing coffee is all you need on a beautiful morning. Your morning coffee tastes ten times better when served in an elegant and good-looking mug. Upkarma is an online shopping website that sells extraordinary goods related to home decor and aesthetics.

The site has something in store for coffee lovers, too; one such is an elegant piece of a hand-painted ceramic mug that is easy on the eye.

 Ceramic coffee mug 

Upkarma has some beautiful hand-painted mugs that will add to the aesthetics of your coffee table. Ceramic mugs are non – metallic products made out of clay by baking them at high temperatures. The coffee mugs on the site are hand-painted.Shop for beautiful Blue Pottery and other beautifully designs traditional as well as modern looks with Upkarma. 

The handmade ceramic mugs are environmentally friendly, sturdy, and blend well with minimalistic home decor. Make your coffee ritual a bliss with these gorgeous coffee mugs. 

Benefits of using a ceramic coffee mug
  •  Multipurpose – Ceramic mugs can be used by both tea and coffee lovers as they are neutral in terms of flavor. Ceramic mugs do not hold on to smells from your drinks. You do not have to be worried about persistent odors while using a ceramic mug. The coffee mugs are also ideal for serving juices and milkshakes.
  • Microwave friendly – No more fussing over your coffee going cold. Ceramic cups are microwave friendly so, you can warm your drinks up anytime you want.
  • Lead-free – The most beneficial factor about ceramic coffee mugs from Upkarma is that the cups sold on the site are lead-free. You no more have to worry about chemicals leaching into your drink.
  • Economical – Ceramic cups are economical and long-lasting, and they make a wonderful gift for your friends and family.
  • More porous – Ceramic mugs are porous; therefore, they lose heat very slowly, which helps you in keeping your coffee hot for a long time. 
Things to keep in mind while washing your Ceramic Mug

 The handmade ceramic mugs are dishwasher-friendly.

    • It is highly recommended that you wash your painted mugs in warm soapy water. Use a sponge or a non-abrasive cloth to clean your accessory.


    Hand-Painted Mugs for Décor

    Imagine serving coffee to your guests in an old-fashioned coffee mug on a beautiful coffee table. You can add a little aesthetic to your coffee or tea corner by purchasing Upkarma’s handmade ceramic mugs online. Upkarma’s coffee mugs are elegantly hand-painted in beautifully designs patterns and great color combinations.

    They add a magical touch to your coffee and tea tables. The aesthetics of the mugs will leave your guests in a state of awe. If you own a cafè, these mugs are perfect for serving your customers a hot cup of coffee. 

    Your coffee mugs can add a beautiful touch to your kitchen cabinets and showcases. They look elegant, beautiful, and they are worth displaying. Painted mugs are a total catch and have a homely feel. Ceramic Coffee Mugs can be the best home accessories one can ever have.

    Hand-painted mugs are elegantly crafted aesthetics. The beautiful designs on the coffee mugs are designs created by team Upkarma themselves. It makes them unique and stand out from the other products in the market.

    Shop Ceramic Mugs Online at Upkarma

    Upkarma online store offers our customers beautiful and sophisticated products, adding a special touch to your home sweet home. We craft our products with lots of love and patience to deliver the best to our customers.

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