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Welcome to Upkarma, your ultimate destination for exquisite hand block printed bedding! Here, we offer a wide range of premium Dohars that combine the richness of tradition with the allure of contemporary design. In this category of best seller products from Upkarma, you'll explore the fascinating world of Dohars and learn about their unique qualities that we offer as an Indian Heritage Brand and how they differ from quilts.

What is a Dohar?

Dohar is a traditional Indian blanket that has been used for centuries to provide comfort during sleep. The word "Dohar" originates from the Hindi language and means "two sheets," which accurately describes its construction. A Dohar consists of three layers of fabric - two outer layers of soft cotton fabric and a middle layer of fine, breathable cotton filling. This triple-layered design creates a lightweight, airy blanket that offers just the right amount of warmth for a comfortable night's sleep.

Dohar vs. Quilts: Understanding the Difference

While Dohars and quilts might appear similar at first glance, they have distinct differences in terms of construction, design, and functionality.

  • Layering: As mentioned earlier, Dohars have three layers of fabric, making them lighter and more suitable for moderate climates. Quilts, on the other hand, typically consist of multiple layers of fabric sewn together with a thicker filling, making them heavier and warmer.
  • Warmth: Due to their lighter construction, Dohars are ideal for use in the spring and summer months or in regions with milder winters. Quilts, with their thicker layers, are better suited for colder climates and provide a cozy warmth during chilly nights.
  • Design Aesthetics: Dohars often feature intricate hand block prints and vibrant patterns that reflect the rich Indian cultural heritage. Their designs are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your bedroom decor. Quilts, while also available in various designs, tend to have a more rustic, homely feel.
  • Flexibility: Dohars lightweight nature and breathable fabric make them highly versatile. They can be used not only as a bedspread but also as a summer blanket or even as a stylish throw for your couch. Quilts are primarily used as bed covers or for added warmth during colder months.

Why Choose Upkarma Dohars?

At Upkarma, we take pride in offering the finest hand block printed Dohars that perfectly match our hand block curtains and quilts. Here's why you should consider choosing from our exquisite collection:

  • Authentic Hand Block Prints: Our Dohars feature authentic and meticulously crafted hand block prints, created by skilled artisans. Each design tells a unique story and reflects the beauty of traditional Indian artistry.
  • 100% Cotton: We use 100% premium cotton for both the outer layers and the filling, ensuring a soft, skin-friendly, and hypoallergenic sleep experience.
  • Elevate Your Decor: Our Dohars are not just blankets; they are pieces of art that can transform your bedroom's ambiance. The hand block prints add a touch of sophistication and cultural charm to your living space.
  • Care Instructions: With proper care, our Dohars are long-lasting and retain their vibrant colors and softness. We provide easy-to-follow care instructions to help you maintain their quality for years to come.

Experience the luxury of hand block printed Dohars and immerse yourself in the world of comfort and elegance. Choose Upkarma for premium quality bedding that celebrates India's artistic heritage. Shop now and elevate your bedding experience!

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