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Enchanting Himalayan Night Lights

 Himalayan night lights are crystals carved from pure amber-colored rock salt. They are elegantly crafted by placing a light bulb within small chunks of beautiful pink Himalayan salt crystals and are used as decorative or therapeutic lamps by people everywhere.

Upkarma, home accessories and decor company offer pure Himalayan salt lamps to help enhance your indoor air quality and help you sleep better. At Upkarma, you will find beautiful Himalayan salt lamp night lights in various shapes such as Heart, Orb, Natural, Sconch, and Pyramid. Perfect for gifting for any and every occasion.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Lights For A CozyHome 

 Formed from natural salt rocks that are million years old, our Himalayan salt lamp plugins are mined from the foothills of the Himalayas. They are carefully crafted with love to retain the unique and beautiful properties of the rock.

 These pink glowing lights are an exceptional decor piece for any room in your house. The incredibly versatile lamps can adapt to any interior style and turn a room into a cozy place. 

 One benefit of these salt lamps is their miniature size. They fit into the smallest spaces and do not take up much room. So you can upgrade your bedrooms, living rooms, offices, or hallways with one or multiple Himalayan salt night light plugins.

Nurturing Benefits of Himalayan Salt Night Light 

A Himalayan salt night light emits a soft, pink glow when lit which encourages people to use them as decorative lights that add beauty to the home decor. However, these lights also offer healing and beatific benefits. They provide a host of health benefits as they act as natural ionizers.

The rock salt produces negative ions by using the heat from the lamp's light source to affect the indoor air positively. The lamps:

  • Purify and freshen indoor air
  • Control electromagnetic pollution from electronic appliances
  • Prevent harmful particles from entering the lungs and improve breathing
  • Help reduce symptoms of a common cold
  • Enhance blood flow
  • Boost energy

Himalayan Salt Lamp Plugins For Spiritual Peace 

Apart from creating a great ambiance and keeping you healthy, the Himalayan salt night light plugin removes negativity and spreads harmony in the indoor air. The lamps emit spiritual vibrations that bring positivity to your mind and release strong grounding energies to help you focus. Himalayan salt lights also elevate stress and help you relax as the negative ions increase serotonin and blood flow in the brain.

Himalayan Salt Night Light Plugin at Upkarma

At Upkarma, we create the perfect decor accessories to help you elevate your living spaces. The night lamps from our wellness range are manufactured from 100% Himalayan rock salt. 

We offer Himalayan salt lamp plugins of different shapes that suit any indoor space and bring physical and spiritual health. We emphasize the balance between traditional and modern looks to create authentic products and make every home beautiful.

Whether you want to add an element of mystery and beauty to your home or improve the surrounding air quality, getting a Himalayan night light from Upkarma will help you achieve both.

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