Latest Colour Combination for Your Bedroom For Spring Summer

As we have left behind the chilly days, and hibernation of winter, it is the perfect time to focus on spring colour ideas for bedrooms, and how you can give this restful space a joyful refresh for the season.

Colour is key when it comes to curating beautiful spring décor ideas. Now is the optimum time to reflect these seasonal changes through palettes of pastel, harmonious and bright colours and inspiration from the natural world, with a bedroom colour scheme filled with uplifting shades.

Choosing a colour scheme for your bedroom is important when deciding how you want your personal bolthole to make you feel. This may be reflecting a love of colour, going for a new trend you want to tap into, or lifting soothing whites and neutrals with a new shade.

Here, colour curators and experts from Upkarma team reveal how to approach choosing your bedroom for this joyous time of year, from using the colour wheel to creating strong colour combinations, accent shades, and neutrals. Along with this we will also help you figure out on the best designs bedspread, Bedsheets, Dohars coordinates in India at the Upkarma store with a mix and match trend pattern.

1. Lift the Mood and expand your Space
An appropriate way of decorating your bedroom is to choose to fit your curtains with your bedding. They should complement your bedding and not overtake your bedroom as the spotlight when selecting your curtains. When you visit the Upkarma online store, you will come across a wide range of subtle and vibrant colour combination that can get along with some amazing mix and match trend. The bedsheets are soft hand, premium fabric, hand block printed and adds absolute royalty to your space. These come with varied summer colours giving a feel of subtleness yet adds a bright touch keeping the look elegant. To help you sort these confusions, Upkarma has an entire range of best bedding collection / coordinates of Bedsheets, Dohars (AC Blankets), Quilts set that matches the curtains of your choice.

1. Gulnar Curtain with Gulnar Quilt Set or Dohar or Bedsheet
2. Udyana Curtain with Udyana Quilt Set or Dohar or Bedsheet
3. Amber Curtain with Amber Quilt Set or Dohar or Bedsheet
4. Gulmarg Bedsheet with Gulmarg Quilt or Dohar or curtains
5. Udyana Bedsheet with Udyana Curtain and Udyana dohar or Quilt
6. Gulnar Bedsheet with Gulnar Curtain and Gulnar Quilt or Dohar
7. Amber Bedsheet with Amber Curtain and Amber Quilt or Dohar

2. Create an Uplifting and Joyful Space
Yellow is bright, optimistic and will uplift any room in your home so it’s understandable many of us opt for yellow when looking to bring sunny cheerfulness and positivity into the bedroom for spring. Picking the right shade is key and will depend on the feeling you’re trying to create as well as the positioning of the room. We help you make the right pick with our collection of yellow- Amber Bedsheet , Amber Dohar, Gulmarg Bedsheet, Gulmarg Dohar and the Camel Carnival hand block printed Quilt that will fill your space with light and joy.

3.Keep Calm with Pale Grey
Of all the neutrals, grey is the most controversial, with the all-over grey colour scheme being described as an unfashionable trend by experts of the design industry. However, done right, grey can bring instant gravitas to a bedroom, even in the spring. Grey tones can make a lovely palette for a bedroom as they can visually expand the space, while also exuding a sense of calm.

You think of this colour and we present you our gamut of bedding collections that will help your space stand out exceptionally. Pick our Begonia -Hand block printed kantha bedcover , Arya hand block printed kantha bed cover along with the grey blushing fringes pillow that can be a perfect match if you want to switch the most unfashionable trend into an eye- catching décor.

4. Evoke Serenity and Stillness
Sophisticated in their simplicity, decorating with neutral colour in the bedroom is a stalwart in the world of interiors. The beauty of a neutral scheme is that it provides a wonderful scaffold upon which to hang accents of colour. The Upkarma Quilt Collections are lightweight and made of breathable material and offer a sleek and tidy look. Here is where you can explore the best basic bedding collections in India that is apt for both summer and winter.

  • Ornamental Bedspreads and Cushions
  • Checks Bedspread and Cushions
  • Basket Bedspread and Cushions
  • Kasha Yarn Dyed Quilt Set
  • Tribal Quilt Set
  • Amber Quilt Set
  • Fragrance Quilt Set
  • Fluttering Butterfly Quilt

5. Let Nature Inspire You
Uplifting and tranquil, this nature-inspired shade of green, florals and leaves has its herbal origins to thank for its soothing properties, making it the perfect choice for a restful room scheme come spring. Bedrooms are designed to be relaxing, so choosing the right spring colour for walls and textiles can be the key to the peaceful transition from awake to asleep. If you’re looking to create a calm and inviting home, green is definitely a great place to start. It provides a sense of the outdoors.

With the Upkarma products you get a whole range of best Herbal quilts in India that suits summer and winter time has a touch of greens, flowers and leaves which are more than just beautifully hand block printed quilts.

1. Flora Medicated Quilt- Brilliant classic floral patterns, made of fibres of custard apple seeds and designed by the local artisans of Rajasthan which is also used as bed spread to decorate your bed. A perfect fit for an AC room in summer.

2. Mayur Medicated Quilt- The perfect monochromatic hues of blue and gold that not just brightens your room but these fibres have a great pain relief property. These stays cool in summer and gives warmth in winters.

3. Coco Medicated Quilt- The white and black hand block printed combo is the all-time classic single quilt while exhibiting pain relieving properties.

4. Paisley Medicated Quilt- This multi-purpose quilt with Paisley border clubbed with the floral scroll pattern brings your collection a royal addition.

5. Gajanan Medicated Quilt- With a hand printed and handmade touch of elephant prints all around this is a must try for everyone. Fits to any type of room you want to décor and serves all seasons around the year.

Are Bright Colours good for Bedroom?
When it comes to bedroom colour ideas bright and bold is back - and better than ever. Here are some latest trending colour combinations that you may have for your bedroom.

Coral and Aqua: Coral is a warm and inviting colour that pairs well with the cool tones of aqua. This combination creates a vibrant and energetic atmosphere perfect for the warmer months.

Sage Green and Pale Pink: This colour combination creates a soft and soothing atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing bedroom. Sage green is a versatile colour that pairs well with many different shades, but it looks particularly beautiful when paired with pale pink.

Lemon Yellow and Sky Blue: These two colours are reminiscent of a clear summer sky and bright sunshine. This combination creates a cheerful and uplifting atmosphere, perfect for a bedroom.

Lavender and Lilac: Lavender and lilac are two shades of purple that look beautiful together. This combination creates a calming and peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for a bedroom.

Peach and Mint: This colour combination creates a delicate and feminine atmosphere, perfect for a romantic bedroom. Peach is a warm and inviting colour that pairs well with the cool and refreshing tones of mint.

Whether it be abstract designs or vivacious colours, a perfectly dressed interior is certain to inject happiness into the home.

To transform your bedroom to meet this trend, you can incorporate a striking palette of yellows, pinks, and greens and complement them with accents in similar palettes to inject a playful touch to the room.

Remember, when choosing colour for your bedroom, it's important to consider the amount of natural light your room receives, the size of your space, and your personal style preferences. Use these colour combinations as a starting point, and feel free to experiment to find the perfect colour palette for your bedroom this spring and summer. To bring all of these choice under one roof, you can certainly visit the Upkarma online store and pick the best bedding collection in India along with the mix and match trend that follows for the summer vibes.