Dive Into Wellness With Best Medication Pillows, Bathing, Lamp & Herbal Quilts

Embracing wellness is an innovative and progressive medical practice. This involves adapting a good lifestyle along with using the best of wellness products in India. Wellness care can be catered in many ways and through different products. Upkarma extends this segment to a wide horizon and brings so much for its customers in the domain of wellness. From meditation pillows, bathing products and lamps , you get a variety of organic and handmade wellness products from our kitty.

The first set of product category in this section is the medication pillows. These help to keep your spine in alignment and prevent you from tossing and turning throughout the night. They also support your head and neck, which can help reduce pain and stiffness. As a result, the best medication pillows from our online store can play a vital role in maintaining good posture. Deep dive to what our new range of medication pillows have for you. Hand block printed on 100% cotton fabric filled with 100% Polyester fibre.

1. Dribbling Rectangle Pillow- Elegant, stylish and soft in 6 different colours. A dual purpose serves as floor cushion or anywhere in your home to create an extra seating area.
2. Blooming Round Meditation Pillow- Soft and comfy fit classic décor comes is 2 colors giving a great experience as a meditation pillow.
3. Cobalt Round Pillow- These trendy indigo print pillow give your home a great space to hangout.
4. Rhine Shine Pillow- Filled with EPF balls these soft Jacquard Fabric Shells are comfortable for small or longer sitting duration.
5. Jewel Meditation Pillow- Designed thoughtfully to sit cross legged, these pillows give you an option to ease your legs if you want to sit for longer duration.
6. Flare Soul Meditation Pillow- The cotton and polyster fabric is quilted to hold the piece stable and make your seating more comfortable.
7. Glamour Soul Pillow- These rustic brown pillow gives a great sitting comfort not just for mediation but also serves all purpose.
8. Chromatic Soul Pillow- Handmade meditation pillow is thoughtfully designed to sit cross legged for longer duration of time.

Beyond this our next set of products will give you a glimpse of how wellness can be a regular part of your life.

Gone are the days when taking a bath was just a daily ritual, an activity to be performed monotonously without the slightest bit of enjoyment. These days, people experiment with various products and accessories to enhance their bathing experience. Our bathing bar- Himalayan Salt Aura Cleansing Bar with essentials will transform your ordinary bathing experience into a luxurious and relaxing one. Hand carved salt bathing bars which give you a self-love feel. Available in heart, oval and rectangular shape.

When we talk about wellness light is something that gives you the best of energy. When the same light is naturally carved and designed the aura around you changes. Light creates a feeling of emotions. It can improve mood and stabilize our heart rhythms. Psychologically, light can decrease depression scores and even increase cognitive performance. They bring an emotional value to architecture and play well to amplify it. Here is our kitty of lamps for you- 100%Organic & Handmade.

1. Orb Shaped Himalayan Salt Night Lamp
2. Scallop Shaped Himalayan Salt Night Lamp
3. Heart Shaped Himalayan Salt Night Lamp
4. Pyramid Shaped Himalayan Salt Night Lamp
5. Taj Himalayan Rock Salt Night Lamp
6. Scallop Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp
7. Pyramid Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp
8. Magma Himalayan Rock Salt Bowl with Chunks
9. Kedar Himalayan Salt Shiv Ling Lamp
10. Glowing Cloud Himalayan
11. Bead Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp
12. Grotto- Salt Oil Diffusor
13. Night Owl Himalayan Salt Night Light

The lamps are naturally carved from the finest Himalayan salt which emits negative ions which when heated helps to purify the surrounding air quality. These are carved from natural salt rocks millions of year old, hence will vary in color, texture, size. Every piece will be unique and stands out by its own design.

The right choice of light can do wonders to your space. Now if that lights up your mind, what better than buying the naturally carved organic ,handmade Himalayan Salt Lamp for your wellness and give a treat to your life. These are not only functional but beautiful. So gear up, and it's time you lit-up your place by playing with some lights.

Upkarma, the best wellness product online store in India has some amazing collections that will compel you to take a stop and buy for you and your loved one.