No Garden ? No Problem ! Buy Some Amazing Hand Planters For Your Room

There have been many studies that have stressed on the benefits of plant around us. However, its also a fact that everyone does not have the luxury of living with a lawn or front yard or backyard. In such cases, indoor plants play a key role to add that touch of green inside your home. The Upkarma store has some best handy planter collections that fits right to your home and brings in a positive aura.

Benefits of Having Plants in Your Home

1. Improved Air Quality
The Planters around your space brings a change in the air that helps you relax your entire body stress, improve respiratory issues or allergies.
2. They can be Therapeutic
Planters help relieve anxiety and depression, as they act as a good form of therapy.
3. Reduces Stress Level
Caring for and being around the plants help reduce stress level. They help provide a relax and calm effect lowering blood pressure and ultimately having a happier mood.

Set Up Tree Planters in Your Home with the Upkarma Products

Planters have a great way to introduce plants into your room. Whether rectangular planter or round planters , can be a good fit either for your living room, kitchen or home office. Take a look at our best seller hand made planter collections.

1. Ribbon Hand Painted Ceramic Planter- This modern Cheveron pattern is hand painted in 2 colourways- multi blue and red. A real beauty and first pick to gift your loved ones.
2. Twig Hand Painted Ceramic Planter- A green and blue pattern is a perfect self love and gifting option. Sold as a single piece.
3. Mughals Ceramic Planter-This handmade and hand painted ceramic planter is a great centre piece for your table décor. A perfect fit for indoor plants or garden space.
4. Waves Sapphire Planter- A simple hand painted and sleek pot collection for your indoor and outdoor space .
5. Waves Terra Planter-This hand painted ceramic pot is a perfect match for your indoor and outdoor garden space with its sleek design.
6. Hooter Blue Hand Painted Ceramic Planter- The sweet little planter brightens your kids room with the unique design and colour.
7. Hattha Hand Painted Ceramic Planter- Sunny Yellow, Lovely Pink and Lilac color is a great choice for kids at home. These planters when showcased in your indoor space gives a bright look.
8. Tabby Hand Painted Ceramic Planter- The pet shaped kitty look hand painted planter is a great pick for your kid’s room indoor garden.

The décor and aesthetics of a room changes by adding a splash of green to your interiors. Plant lovers constantly look for stylish planters online to add the beauty of a plant. As you put a tiny plant into a stylish planter, it certainly pops up with a magnificent beauty of greenery. If you select a planter carefully, it can be a great choice to attract the eye of the onlookers. Be it kitchen, balcony or living room or even your kids room or playing area, planters play a key role in the plants to give a stable and stunning look.

Ceramic has been a love for all homes since ages. The Upkarma handmade and hand painted ceramic planter collections to make it best to add fresh vibes to your interiors. The bright and light tones of colours add warmth to your room and matches with your interiors in all ways.

So what is stopping you from decorating your home and garden with the best hand made planter collections in India. You can buy these pots and planters online from the comfort of your home.Choose a wide variety of options from the Upkarma store and be a proud owner to these hand crafted and elegant planter collections.