Should I have separate bedding for Summer and Winter?

With the offset of winter, perhaps the mass is trying to adjust the summer and we cannot go without saying that when it comes to home décor you all want to pick the right set of bedding collections that match the season and your comfort.

The winters just leave us all lethargic due to the lack of sunlight. To reduce this feeling, you can start making positive changes in your surroundings. Your bedroom being the first and foremost.

Same goes for summers. And to get reminded of the classic song – ‘Summer times and the living goes easy’. Except when it’s a sweltering night that has you tossing and turning in bed instead of sleeping peacefully. When the temperature rises, so does the likelihood of disrupted sleep. And without enough rest, you’re not at your best mentally or physically. The easy solution: invest in suitable, comfortable bedding for the summer months.

The right sheets, quilts or medicated / herbal quits can make all the difference to the quality of your sleep with any season around you. There are a lot of things to consider before you get yourself a perfect and cosy bedding. Upkarma, the best bedding collections in India has a varied range of bedsheets and bedspreads that fits all season.

There are many factors that need to be considered to choose the best winter bedding collections.

Confused to purchase which bedsheet and what texture? This question isn't just straightforward. There are a lot of variables to consider while buying a bedsheet. You really want to get something familiar and is as per your necessities and needs simultaneously. Which is better-cotton or polyester? The justification for this confusion is that both the textures have their upsides and downsides. Everything relies upon what texture you like and are OK with. For a decent night rest, you should be complacent with your bed and the bedsheet.

1. Is Cotton the best choice?
Cotton bedsheets are natural cotton fibre and better for sensitive skin and allergies. It is highly breathable and helps in regulating the body temperature. The best part is they are eco-friendly and biodegradable.
2. Warm and Comfy Comforters and Quilts
The best part in a cold winter day is getting into your quilt or comforter. That warmth inside the quilt in the chilling weather outside feels like solace. So, this winter, get yourself a warm and cosy quilt selecting from a wide range which will also enhance the look of your bed. We have quite a collection of quirky designs and patterns. You can buy a mix-n-match quilt or a bedding set with comforter. And that is not all, we’ve got a surprise for you, a reversible comforter. Yes, you heard it right. That means you will have an option to choose one of the two designs.
3. Fitter Bedsheet Set for Lazy Winter Mornings
Winter brings dull mornings and it’s a struggle to get out of your warm comforters. Upkarma, online store has got for you some best bedding collections- comforters and quilts for winters.  Now it is as easy to make your bed as getting into it.

When the temperature rises, most smart people will think about buying a fan and keeping it running in the bedroom all night. However, there are lots of downsides to doing that. For instance, people who sleep with a fan in their room will often wake up with a dry mouth or a headache. That can also prevent them from getting a decent night’s sleep.

Now the doubt is can you still hold on to the winter duvets or comforters, even in the summer times. That’s simple. The blanket /comforters you use for the winter months is thick and heavy. It helps your body to retain heat when you’re in bed, and it ensures you never wake up shivering during the night. Everyone agrees that your winter blankets is fit for purpose and you made the right choice when you bought it.

Now you need to get hold of a summer quilt because it’s too hot to cover yourself with such a thick product during the night. You will either struggle to sleep or wake up covered in sweat feeling uncomfortable every morning. Do yourself a favour and make sure you get something well-made that is going to stand the test of time. Nobody wants to buy new duvets every couple of months. So you make your buying a bit easy with Upkarma store, the best bedding collections for all seasons with a varied range of best quilts/comforters/Herbal quilts.

Bed Quilts from Upkarma

Grab the best 100% cotton, handmade, hand printed quilts with high quality designing process. You get the feel of authentic Indian hand printed, handloom and embroidered carving in the most affordable price. A blend of traditional and modern aesthetics that meet the requirements of every Indian household with the kind of personal wellness touch.
1. Gulmarg Quilt Set
2. Amber Quilt Set
3. Udyana Quilt Set
4. Gulnar Quilt Set
5. Kasha Yarn Dyed Quilt Set
6. Tribal Printed patch work kantha quilt
7. Fragrance Quilt Set
8. Fluttering Butterfly Quilt set for your princess.

Herbal Quilts

With the Upkarma products you get a whole range of herbal quilts which are more than just beautifully hand block printed quilts or bedcovers.

The fabric is woven out of the fibres from the custard apple seeds while the fill is of the herbs found in Rajasthan. What makes these special is the custard apple seed fabric acts against the weather, it is cooler in summers and warm in winters, these thus could be used anytime bedspreads or a throw or AC blankets to cover yourself.

1. Flora Herbal / medicated Quilt- Brilliant classic floral patterns, made of fibres of custard apple seeds and designed by the local artisans of Rajasthan which is also used as bed spread to decorate your bed. A perfect fit for an AC room in summer.
2. Mayur Herbal / medicated Quilt- The perfect monochromatic hues of blue and gold that not just brightens your room but these fibres have a great pain relief property. These stays cool in summer and gives warmth in winters.
3. Coco Herbal / medicated Quilt- The white and black hand block printed combo is the all-time classic single quilt while exhibiting pain relieving properties.
4. Paisley herbal / medicated Quilt- This multi-purpose quilt with Paisley border clubbed with the floral scroll pattern brings your collection a royal addition.
5. Gajanan herbal / Medicated Quilt- With a hand printed and hand made touch of elephant prints all around this is a must try for everyone. Fits to any type of room you want to décor and serves all seasons around the year.

When it comes to choosing the best bedding collection products for summers or winters ; it makes sense that you will want to get something luxurious that is soft against your skin and oozing quality. That is why we always recommend cotton to our customers and clients. Most people agree that cotton is one of the softest and most comfortable materials in the world, and that is why we only sell cotton bedding, a mix of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Most importantly the Upkarma products are hand made, hand printed and crafted by the local artisans that makes it so special when you walk a step into the online store.