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An oil diffuser is meant to bring the elements of wellness to your home, renovating your environment into a pleasant calm space. Based on aromatherapy, an oil diffuser brings various benefits to the health and well-being of all the family members.

 Upkarma presents a range of Himalayan rock salt diffuser and beautifully hand painted Ceramic oil diffusers. Pick the one that best suits your personality.

A beautifully hand rock salt carved oil diffuser or a thoughtfully designs handmade ceramic hand painted in royal/ traditional patterns which evenly disperses the elements at a comfortable proportion that is easy to breathe and doesn't make the room feel aroma heavy.


Benefits of using Oil diffuser

  • Purifies air

Oil diffusers release tiny molecules into the air, resulting in air cleansing; unlike candles or air fresheners, oil diffusers don't make the air heavy with aroma.


  • Relieves stress

Using essential oils like lavender reduces stress and can help to ease the symptoms of depression or Rose to lift up your mood or whatever your soul calls for.

  • Eradicates bacteria and mold

Diffusing essential oils in the air causes free radicals and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. Some of the common oils used are eucalyptus, thyme, and tea tree oils. At the same time, essential oils like pine and red thyme are best suited to prevent mold.

  • Acts as a mosquito repellent

It is proven that oil diffusers work safely and are highly effective in repelling mosquitoes. Essential oil like lemongrass oil and clove oil is best suited for repelling mosquitoes.

  • Relieves pain

Applying oils directly on the skin or body parts act as a great pain relief but inhaling oil molecules also causingpain due to headaches, overworked muscles, and sore joints. Diffusing essential oils is an effective method for pain remedies.

  • Controls appetite

Oil diffusers work to stimulate the senses to curb appetite. According to the latest study, diffused peppermint oil can curb appetite by provoking a satiety reaction within the body. Diffused peppermint oil is also known to improve energy levels.

Special features of Himalayan Salt diffuser

An oil diffuser is specially crafted to break essential oils into smaller molecules, producing a calming effect by dispersing oil molecules into the air. Our well-designed oil diffuser has the following features:


  • The Himalayan salt diffuser is completely natural and carefully handcrafted with love.


  • Usage of this oil diffuser relieves symptoms of allergy and asthma. It is also proven to reduce stress and anxiety by improving breathing.


  • The salt lamp essential oil diffuser absorbs harmful radiations of mobile and computers; it also cleans the air inside the house or workplace by absorbing pollutants. 

  •  Oil diffuser improves the quality of sleep. It also improves blood circulation, including serotonin levels.


  • The essential oil diffuser is perfect for making any pranic healing, light therapies, and Vastu correction.


Why choose Upkarma for Oil Diffuser?

We deliver a wide range of products designed with love and care that serves personal wellness. Our vision is to help promote and uplift the living of the craftsman at the root level by mixing it well with technology and innovation.


It is believed that the most effective wellness routines are the ones that fit easily into your regular life. The Upkarma's Himalayan rock salt diffusers and the hand painted Ceramic Diffusers are those self-care products. With various benefits of essential oil diffusers, it is a must-have in every house. 

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