5 Best Ideas to give your home the Organic Look with Best Ceramic Collections

Don’t we all dream of having a beautiful home décor?

A bright airy living room with detailed kitchen and a vibrant garden space to add the extra touch is all one looks for right ?

There is a fantastic way we can achieve this with the beautifully designed best handcrafted ceramic collections in India, that can add value to your space.

Let’s start with the first set of best hand-crafted ceramic Tea Sets, Tea Pots and Mugs.

Some people love to collect kitchenware and proudly flaunt them in their glass door cabinets. Such lovely displays become an inspiration for us to stock up our new and unique ceramic handcrafted tea pots and tea sets. Well, if you are looking for tea and coffee mugs to buy, Upkarma has a wide collection to choose from.

Do you know what is so special and unique about the Upkarma Ceramic Collections?

It’s the handmade touch that is given by our artisans who give their efforts to make our products stand out of the crowd. With Upkarma, the best brand for ceramic collections, you get directly connected to such artists and give your home the most organic look with a true sense of ‘ The Indian Heritage.

If you love such decorative pieces, you will know what a pain it is to see a chip off or damage. So if you have any old ceramic Tea Pots or hand crafted ceramic Mugs collections, here are some DIY that will help you give your home a new look and make room for some new collections in your Cabinets.

1. DIY - Bird Feeder
Give your terrace garden a new look with this DIYIY bird feeder will be magical for a new look. All you need is any Ceramic piece – a Ceramic tea pot or a Ceramic mug or a Ceramic sugar pot. Moreover a tea saucer, teaspoon and a creative you ~ to create your own unique bird feeder. Hang them on a tree for a more vintage look. Incase, you don’t have the same go with the hanging planters to get a refreshing look. Simply tie it with a rope and hang at a suitable place.
2.DIY - Flower Centre
A centre piece with a ceramic tea cup! Can’t get more happening than this when it comes to you and your creativity. Turn it into a small flower vase or a small planter. With Upkarma handcrafted ceramic Tea sets & Teapots, this centre piece will be the candy for your living room.
3. DIY - Wall Décor
How about using an old ceramic tea set to enhance your kitchen or the dining walls? Revamp your décor with this idea.

Buy the perfect handmade ceramic tea pots, Tea Sets and coffee / tea mugs directly crafted by the artisans from the interiors of India. Every mug is different, just like every hand is different. These are so authentic in design that there is a sure-fire way to decide between any two-

1. Cobalt Cleaver Handmade / Hand Painted Ceramic Tea Set – a tea Pot, Sugar Pot and a Milk Pot.
2. Jacobean Handmade / Hand Painted Ceramic Tea Set – a tea Pot, Sugar Pot and a Milk Pot.
3. Rajwada Handmade / Hand Painted Ceramic Tea Set – a tea Pot, Sugar Pot and a Milk Pot.
4. Ribbon Handmade / Hand Painted Ceramic Tea Set – a tea Pot, Sugar Pot and a Milk Pot.

These are some of our bestsellers and to see a varied range --- you are just a click away! There is a fantastic way to achieve your garden of dreams. Planter garden brings home greens without worrying much about the space. For some, planters may not be appealing but we can’t get away with the fact that they have enormous benefits when around you. There are some which provide you with health positive herbs, enhance indoor quality, and adds beauty to the space. Whatever may be your reason to bring planters home, natural elements only have the positive vibe. Here are some DIY that you can try to make your planter take a stunning look and impress your guest or your loved ones.

4. Ceramic Planters Its natural to think that you have less space in living area. But when it comes to pots, use the slightest space with the best hand painted ceramic planters by Upkarma. The designs are authentic and the work is purely hand painted by our team of local artisans who have given their heart and soul to this product.
The table besides the sofa is a great match with our Ribbon or Twig Hand Painted ceramic planter

that will go with any wall colour or other décor items.
5. Fun Looking Planters are all Rage If you are looking for some fun to be added around the space, go for ceramic planters with a candid look. Whether you have small planters or a larger ones , give them a personalized look by adding cute faces with a hand touch. We know it may be difficult for you to find time to enrich the look but you really want to buy one for sure. Finding it rare in the market? Visit the Upkarma store : Our hooter blue hand painted ceramic planter, Hattha Hand Painted Yellow Colour Ceramic Planter, Tabby Hand Painted Ceramic Planter with a cute cat look can add a personality to your plants.

Handcrafted fairs are not flea markets. These are very rare and authentic. So you need to be prolific in your choice. The artist is standing right in front of you in every product that we offer. This person created your soon-to-be favourite teapots, mugs or the best ceramic collection for you. Local artisans need a landscape to leverage their talent and we at Upkarma believe in scaling every artistic mind and make a place for their creativity at every Indian Home.

Whether you are placing you ceramic collections indoor or outdoor, style works on all kinds and gives your home an organic yet ultra cool and relaxed vibe. Its not just the plants but the pots, hand painted ceramic tea sets and mugs or the table ware along with best hand painted ceramic planters that can give a huge difference to your living space. Shop the best handmade ceramic collections from Upkarma store and give your home a makeover within a budget. Mix and Match our DIY’s too and see the real output, we are sure you will always want to repeat them with time. This is one exercise in which the entire family will love to participate and have a great time

Slowdown and enjoy items made by humans and not machines with the best ceramic collections at Upkarma.